Bilge Publishing is a scientific and academic publishing house. We take an approach that supports all scientific studies and express our field of activity in the form of scientific studies and periodicals.

The purpose of Bilge Publishing; To produce publications in other disciplines, especially in education, to organize trainings and events, to conduct researches needed by the academy and to contribute to the field in general. From this point of view, Bilge Publishing aims to be a reference center for all scientific studies that academicians need. In addition, Bilge Publishing, which determines the progress under the guidance of science as the basic principle in all fields of activity, values science and all kinds of scientific studies.

At the same time, we, as Bilge Publishing, express our goal as “the first application area for all kinds of scientific studies needed by all parties dealing with science”. Bilge Publishing, which draws a roadmap for itself under the leadership of science; It follows current developments and offers the opportunity to publish qualified studies all over the world. Working with many experts and institutions, our broadcasting organization believes in the power of cooperation and acts accordingly. At the same time, it is both open to the developments in today’s technological world and keeps up with these developments.

Bilge Publishing offers all kinds of services and support for qualified and quality academic studies. In addition, it attaches particular importance to labor and ethical values and adopts as a principle to respect scientists, science and scientific studies.

As Bilge Publishing, we owe a debt of gratitude to the whole scientific world, to all our friends who did not spare their support and to everyone who contributed to this journey.

We look forward to seeing you with scientific and quality studies.